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Samuli 11-02-2015 11:44 PM

How to use grabber tool with wand?
Hi Jeff,
I'd appreciate if you have some knowledge on how to use grabber tool with wand using ppt-tracking and wand 2014? Few more questions: What are proxy tools? What is the proxywrapper/grabberwrapper, their functions and what does the following code snippet from box stacker demo code do?

def init():
        """Initialize the demo, only called once"""
        # add grabber tools based on proxy tools
        for proxyWrapper in vizconnect.getToolsWithMode('Proxy'):
                grabberTool = tools.grabber.HandGrabber(usingPhysics=True,
                name = 'box_stacker_grabber_tool_based_on_'+proxyWrapper.getName()
                grabberWrapper = vizconnect.addTool(raw=grabberTool,
                # parent the grabber wrapper to the proxy's parent

I can't find any relevant information about these things in the Vizard documentation/reference.

Jeff 11-03-2015 02:54 PM

You can add a grabber tool and map the wand input signals to the grabber functions in vizconnect. The vizconnect avatars and tools tutorial covers this topic using a desktop setup but the same concepts apply if you're using PPT tracking and wand. The proxy tool is used with the demo launcher as a placeholder tool. This is most likely unnecessary for your application but a description of the proxy tool is shown when you select it in the vizconnect > tools dialog.

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