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vOliver 09-13-2010 04:00 PM

Problem with server Events
We're having a problem creating a simple server/client model where users log in and they can move around in the same world. We used the duck default model as avatars. I can paste the code in but lets see if i'm missing something obvious

The problem is with the events. Both server and client have the code
SEND ='send')

and I then I do something in the client like

viznet.callback(SEND, update)

and this calls a function that updates the location of all the ducks. The code doesn't work because I never get something sent using the event id SEND for any of the clients. BUT, if I replace SEND with viz.NETWORK_EVENT, everything works as expected. But this is obviously problematic because it triggers on every event, and not all of the events are updates.

I tried printing out the value of UPDATE and its some crazy negative number, however it is the same number on both the server and client.

The relevant client code:

ducks = {}

UPDATE ='update')
SEND ='send')

def sendData():
        global UPDATE
        viznet.client.sendAll(UPDATE, client=viz.getComputerName(), ori = viz.MainView.getEuler(), pos = viz.MainView.getPosition())

def update(e):
        print 'hello'
        if e.client != viz.getComputerName():
                except KeyError:
                        ducks[e.client] = viz.add('duck.wrl')


vizact.ontimer(0.1, sendData)

and Server code:


viznet.server.start(port_in=14950, port_out=14951)

ducks = {}

UPDATE ='update')
SEND ='send')

def Update(e):

viz.callback(UPDATE, Update)

def onStartClient(e):
        print '**Client Joined:', e.sender
        ducks[e.sender] = viz.add('duck.wrl')
viz.callback(viznet.CLIENT_CONNECT_EVENT, onStartClient)

def onStopClient(e):
        print '** Client left:', e.sender

viz.callback(viznet.CLIENT_DISCONNECT_EVENT, onStopClient)

Gladsomebeast 09-15-2010 02:14 PM

Not sure whats going on in your code. Must be some bug somewhere that I'm not getting.

This example I worked up does what you want to do (I think):

import viz
import vizact

IS_SERVER = True #change me to False for client
SERVER_NAME = '' #for client, set to network name or IP of server

import viznet
UPDATE ='update')

        def broadcast():
        def othersend():
                viznet.server.send(OTHER_EVENT,otherMessage='other event')
        vizact.ontimer(1, broadcast)
        vizact.ontimer(3, othersend)
        def onMyEvent(e):
                print 'Received event from server with message:',e.message
        viz.callback(UPDATE, onMyEvent)
        def otherEvent(e):
                print 'Received event from server with message:',e.otherMessage
        viz.callback(OTHER_EVENT, otherEvent)

Gladsomebeast 09-15-2010 02:21 PM

Looked at your code a little more...

I'm not seeing any call to viznet.client.send(SEND) or viznet.server.send(SEND) in your code. Thus the viznet.callback(SEND, update) won't get used. In your client code, change to viznet.callback(UPDATE, update) to receive the viznet.client.sendAll(UPDATE) calls the clients make.

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