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Plymouth 05-24-2006 03:15 AM

PPT error
I've just installed WorldViz v2.51c and PPT v2.1 and I can't seem to get Vizard to find the PPT data. I have both programs running, the Talk button has been hit, and I'm using the art gallery demo world to test. The error I get is:
vizppt.dls WorldViz PPT v1.1
Failed to connect to COM2
Failed to connect to COM3
Failed to connect to COM4
** ERROR: Failed to connect to PPT

PPT should be using COM1. What can I do to fix this?

mspusch 05-25-2006 12:29 AM

The way your sytem should be set up is that you have a rendering computer and a PPT computer.

The PPT computer is connected to the rendering computer over a serial crossover cable (Nullmodem cable).

The PPT computer is set (under options) to send data over COM1 (the PPT computer has only one serial port, which is COM1).

The Vizard computer has the serial connection from the PPT computer connecting either to a native serial port (if there is one). For newer computers which do not have a serial port it is connected over a USB to serial dongle (less recommended) or over a PCI - to - serial card (more recommended).
In both cases there is a very good chance that the Port the PPT is connected to is not COM1 on the rendering computer.
In this case, find out what COM port your PPT is connected to (look under Windows device manager - COM ports) and then specify the port of the PPT like this

PORT_PPT = 6 #in case PPT is connected to COM port 6

Please make sure that you spell the command


exactly the way it is done here (i.e. capital letters) and put the line with this command right in front of the line (viz.add('vizppt.dls') )where PPT is added.

If you use an InertiaCube2 from Intersense with this setup, and it's a serial InertiaCube, then you might also have to find out the COM port for the InertiaCube and specify it. It works the same:

PORT_INTERSENSE = 5 #in case the InertiaCube is connected to COM port 5

Plymouth 05-25-2006 03:40 AM

I added:

That seems to have worked as the log now notifies me that it has connected to the PPT tracker. I worry that something is still not working correctly though as moving the tracker has no impact on the world. I was under the impression that PPT information was used to control the head position in the Gallery world.

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