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scirner22 07-06-2010 06:45 AM

ppt mocap
After watching the PPT mocap plug-in it was very helpful in providing an understanding. in the description it says "The results of MotionBuilder can then be streamed again to Vizard for use with Live Characters or for recording to file to later replaying animations." My question is does anyone know where I can find more information on how to record to a file to later replay animations? The video did not go into detail about this part. What I am looking to do is capture a mocap sequence then save it through MotionBuilder. Then later on in a worldviz script animate an avatar with this sequence. Anyone know how to go about this? Thank you.

Jeff 07-07-2010 06:12 AM

Once you have a Motionbuilder actor moving with PPT data and that is retargeted to a character in Motionbuilder you can record the sequence and then go to file -> save to save the whole scene with animations as an fbx file. Then later you can load the fbx file in Motionbuilder, add the live characters plug-in, and play the saved animation so it streams to Vizard.

Its also possible to export an animation from Motionbuilder to use with a Vizard avatar. This requires that you own the Complete Character avatar set and Live Characters. Information on doing this is included with the Live Characters documentation.

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