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reiverlass 07-17-2007 06:02 AM

cal3d exporter issue
Hi there, Aplogoies in advance if these are daft noob questions, but I can't find answers anywhere else.

I am pretty new to doing 3d stuff and have a query regarding the Cal3d exporters form World viz. Using max 9 and trying to develop some stuff for IMVU there appears to be problems. I am asking because one of the guys in here had an issue with an xaf file format and had no problems with xmf or anything else etc which apears to indicate it works.

Ok to the problem... When i export an object out of max 9 what I end up with appears to be the C file and not the X files. i.e CSF and not XSF.

When exporting from max i have for example, the mesh selected, hit export, select mesh and then type the file name with a .xmf extension. If i then open the file with notepad, it appears to be the CMF file. this from looking at the file structure document from the source site. and comparing the layout.

So my question i, is, how do you get the xmf file? I have looked thru the documentaion on here and on the source site and can't find an answer. Just that they apear to be diferent files.

Also on start up i get a warning indicator that structure, i.e bones etc need to be defined befoe using this product, is this standard?

Again apologies if the answer to this is straight forward and i am just mising something.


reiverlass 07-17-2007 06:32 AM

update to this, i think i was on the wrong's a couple of cut and pastes to let u see what i am trying to explain and not doing very well at.

Exported from max 9 via the vizard exporters

-109370 60761.3 148208
0 0 -1
0.745539 0.954543
0.745539 0.954543

What Imvu expects to see, not rom the same file, but given as an example of the file structure.

-912.438 -431.15 0
0 0 -1
0 0 0
1 1

I thought at first the vizard export was the cmf version of the file but i am probably so wrong.
I manualy edited the skeleton files and material files to this format and they work, so i figure it can be done. Apologies if this is not he place to ask this question or if it is a daft question. But I throw myself at ur mercy here in hopes of an answer.

farshizzo 07-17-2007 09:35 AM


I am not clear on what your problem is. cmf file are just binary versions of xmf files. Cal3D can load either one of them.

reiverlass 07-18-2007 07:13 AM

Hi Farshizzo,

Sorry about my muddy way of describing the problem. The cmf thing was red herring trail i went down, when I first looked at this.

Here's the deal, when you export form 3ds using the vizard cal3d exporters it produces the file layout shown in the first block of "text" now what I need is for the xmf file at least to be exported in the format of the 2nd block of "text"

This is so the file can be read by IMVU previewer. The reason I was asking in here is because one of the guys appears to have no problem about getting the format in this way so as to work with IMVU (3d chat app)

Or would that be a case of changing the whole exporter code?

Hope that this has clarified what I meant?


farshizzo 07-18-2007 12:08 PM


If you look at the two export blocks, the version Vizard outputs is different than the version you are expecting. Is IMVU a Vizard related app? If not, then you will need to contact the makers of IMVU about getting access to a version of the exporter that is compatible with their version of Cal3D.

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