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vjonshih 05-20-2005 03:03 PM

Error when playing wav files...?
Hi there,

I created a python dictionary of sound files for my world --

#Create a Python dictionary of experimenter sounds
soundMap = {}
#A list of all the different experimenter sound files
soundNames = ['first','topic1','suicide','execution','aftertopic ','againtopic','afteragaintopic', 'turnaround', 'beginspeech', 'timesup', 'nextphase', 'topic2']
#Iterate through soundNames and load wav files
for sound in soundNames:
soundfile = sound + '.wav'
newsoundfile = viz.add(soundfile)
#Save the sound in the sound map
soundMap[sound] = newsoundfile

and in my world there are two the first stage, it plays one of two sound files (A or B), and in the second stage, it plays the other sound file (either A or B).

For some reason, when I get to the second stage of the world and Vizard attempts to play the sound file, I get an error in the output console:

FAILED(hr=0x8007000e) in pMC->Run()

Do you have any insight as to what might be causing this error?

Thanks in advance,

farshizzo 05-23-2005 01:21 PM


I looked up the error code and it refers to an "out of memory" error. How big are the wav files?

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