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vOliver 02-10-2011 01:30 PM

PPT woes
I'm having some trouble with our PPT -X settings. If I use the filter plugin, turn off all lights and recalibrate the cameras each time, i can get it to mostly work, but there is still some jitter and occasionally the LEDs switch marker IDs, even with the markerID plugin. This causes my head to fly into my hand and it is pretty disorienting. Maybe I'm setting up the plugin incorrectly?
Let's say I have markers 3 and 4 available, and my vizard code maps markerID 0 and 1 from ppt to the head and hand respectively, how should I go about configuring the settings to get the best results? Any tips? Thanks for the help.

Jeff 02-10-2011 02:25 PM

Please contact with answers to the following questions:

If you have just one marker active without any post-process plug-ins loaded do you see jittering?

Have you changed either the 2D or 3D plug-ins or have those been left at their defaults?

What version of PPT Studio are you using? There have been some updates to the Marker ID in plug-in that fixed a swapping issue.

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