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Vbents 07-05-2006 12:10 PM

2 problems with our HMD
Hi, we have two problems with our nVis HMD:

1. There is a smudge on the left eye. I've tried cleaning it with the recommended optical cloth (and no cleaning fluid) without success. It doesn't appear to be a scratch, so it should be removable. What would you recommend in order to clean/fix this problem?

2. The knob which controls the left-to-right position of the right eye has come loose so that it no longer adjusts the position. What would you recommend to secure it again?

Thanks for your help.
Ben Trombley

mspusch 07-26-2006 07:55 PM

sorry the long delay here - we have checked with the HMD maker but did not hear back immediately.

In terms of a black spot in the display, we have seen this before with the nVis SX HMD and it's dirt BEHIND the lens. We have had limited success (sometimes works) with a compressed air blower like the one you use for blowing out keyboards (can get at computer stores).

RE "knob which controls the left-to-right position of the right eye has come loose": if you have purchased the HMD through WorldViz, please contact about this. If you purchased directly from nVis, get in touch with them. It's most likely that you will have to get an RMA number from nVis and send the unit in for repair. There is a 1-year warranty on the units, and nVis is pretty good about low repair costs as long as it's just a mechanical adjustment like this or about cleaning the lenses.

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