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searsky 01-03-2006 01:34 AM

Export/import problems and Vizard 3.0 release
We are currently having some problems with our "furnishing" tool. The biggest one is that all our models in 3ds Max cannot be exported to a format which Vizard will import correct. For instance the VRML importer doesn't support the the LOD features. The 3ds importer messes things up really good and OSGExp (the OpenSceneGraph exporter) requires a lot of changes before it can be used.

Therefor I hope this problem will be fixed in Vizard 3.0.

And the question that follows is: What's your target for the release date of Vizard 3.0?

The rest of the program is running just fine, but without the objects there is not much furnishing to do.

Thanks in advance,

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