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agrima 06-21-2014 11:44 PM

animate an object using 5dt data glove 5 ultra

I have to animate i.e, control the motion of an object using data glove.
I tried grabbing the object , but now i dont know how should i try moving the object in accordance to my glove. I am posting the code below:

import viz
import vizcam
import vizact
import random
import hand


sensor = viz.addSensor('5dt.dls')
glove = hand.add(sensor,hand.GLOVE_5DT)

vase = viz.add('vase.ive')



gestureName = ['Fist', 'Index finger point', 'Middle finger point',
'Two finger point', 'Ring finger point', 'Ring-Index finger point',
'Ring-middle finger point', 'Three finger point', 'Little finger point',
'Index and little finger point', 'Little-middle finger point',
'Not ring finger point', 'Little-ring finger point',
'Not middle finger point', 'Not index finger point',
'Flat hand', 'Undefined']

def getGesture():
gesture = int(sensor.get()[-1])

if gesture == 7:
#three finger
if gesture == 8:
#Little finger point
if gesture == 9:
#Little finger and index point
if gesture == 3:
#two finger point
if gesture == 1:
#Index finger point
viz.MainView.setPosition([0,.05,0], viz.REL_PARENT)
if gesture == 0:
#vase.setPosition([0,-.05,0], viz.REL_PARENT)
viz.MainView.setPosition([0,-.05,0], viz.REL_PARENT)
if gesture == 14:,vase)

vizact.ontimer(0, getGesture)

Jeff 06-23-2014 04:43 AM

The 5dt glove does not provide position data of the hand. Some models provide pitch and roll. Most of the measurements are related to finger movements and hand gestures. You'll need an additional position/orientation tracker mounted on the glove for hand tracking. You can link the glove to the data from a physical tracking device (e.g. PPT, inertia cube) or a virtual tracker using keyboard/mouse inputs. The following code links the glove to a keyboard tracker:


glove = hand.add(sensor,hand.GLOVE_5DT)

#Create virtual tracker using WASD and other key inputs
import viztracker
handTracker = viztracker.Keyboard6DOF()

#Link the hand to the handTracker
gloveLink =, glove)

Then you can link the vase directly to the handTracker:


vaseLink =, vase)
or to the gloveLink:


vaseLink =, vase)
For future posts, please use code tags to preserve indentation. You can find the guidelines for posting code here.

agrima 06-23-2014 09:35 PM

i incorporated the above 3 lines mentioned by you, but now the main view is not at the correct location, it shows the view at the corner of the screen.I tried changing the co-ordinates but in vain.
This problem occurred after i wrote viztracker.go() without which the vase was not responding to keyboard commands.

Jeff 07-01-2014 11:17 AM

Are you using viztracker with a configuration file? If so, then the setup file should contain the code to connect to the glove. In the application that imports the config file, you can get a handle to the hand and link the vase to it. Can you attach your file if you have one?

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