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hosier 03-01-2010 08:56 AM

Animated Splashscreen
I have a custom splashscreen image for my application. I would like to have it animated much like the default Vizard splashscreen. That way people know that their computer hasn't locked up while the program is loading.

I guess I should ask first, is this even possible? I tried an animated gif for the image, but that just shows a single frame of the gif.

Any help would be appreciated.



Darkmax 04-30-2010 07:01 AM

i have interest in this too, i would like to know if is possible to have a animated splashscreen

hosier 04-30-2010 07:29 AM

It turns out that no, you currently can't have an animated splashscreen, but I have put in a feature request to WorldViz. We'll see if it happens or not. If more people request it, it could increase the chances that it will happen.


Darkmax 04-30-2010 08:28 AM

Oh well, i hope they develop this feature, just a question where i can put a feature quest?

IGoudt 05-02-2010 09:35 AM

As far as I know an animated splash screen does not exist in Vizard. I used the AdvancedSplash, based on wxpython. You can send me a PM for setup code.

As a side note, if you want to avoid long loading screens, there is nothing wrong with calling viz.go() after initializing and loading the world and textures ect.

farshizzo 06-10-2010 10:58 AM

You can use the built-in HTML feature of Vizard to create custom HTML based splash screens. Here is a simple example:

import viz
import vizact

# Display HTML over entire window

# Hide HTML at beginning of first frame

Load script
viz.waittime(8.0) # Simulate long load time

Just replace the URL with your own local HTML page. This should allow animated GIFs and even flash videos :D

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