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pawan 07-18-2016 02:55 AM

Grabbing an object
hi guys,
I am a newbie to Vizard, and stucked with a scenario like:
i have a dentist cabin .osgb from where i need to make an avatar(head n hand) to pick a particular instrument like "anistropy",
1) so, i fetched that anistrophy using cabin(osgb object).getChild('Shape1-GEODE') ("Please update if there is any other way out or i am wrong")
2) using grabber tool i did succeded to pick the instrument but its not fitting perfectly in hand and looking away from hand when moving mouse
3) can i link anistropy to hand bone or something......

THanks for any kind of help

rajnishv 07-19-2016 03:56 AM

Hi Pawan,
I think what you want is related to gesture.
Try using 'Gestures' option in the vizconnect for the config file you have prepared for ur project.
Click on Gestures,the you will get option for Right and left hand and select GESTURE_FIST and then add it.
You may try selecting other gestures as well and check if it they suits your needs.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Software Developer for interactive media
Xenium Digital Pvt. Ltd,Mumbai

pawan 07-20-2016 05:22 AM

Thanks a lot rajnish for your reply,
i already updated gesture for the avatar
But the real problem was that anistrophy's is the child of some parent, thats why it's not able to link to the hand, so when hand is grabbing the tool, i am changing its parent to WORLD, it's working good now!!

One more thing i want to ask is how can we make an avatar sit? do we need a new .cfg file or we can do something from vizard itself, as i did something by using avatar bone, it got the shape(sitting) but doesnot exactly looks like sitting, its moving(like hanging in air)

rajnishv 07-20-2016 11:22 PM

Welcome pawan,
Which avatar -The avatar which is in .config(view perspective) or the avatar in the scene?
If the avatar is for the scene ,u may refer the script in the or follow the link.
U may get avatar sitting with animations.
If the avatar is the one which u have taken in the vizconnect,then you can use -vizconnect.getTransport().getNode3d() and apply logic and functions as per your requirement.which can move to transport down and stop the transport movement and which move the view point (as viewpoint is child of transport)which in turn get make u feel that u r sitting.

This might help you
Thanx and Regards:

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Software Developer for interactive digital media
Xenium Digital Pvt Ltd,Mumbai

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