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tianmoran 10-03-2017 03:18 AM

Hi guys,

I have some question in using viztask.waitKeyDown. I know it returns a object with the key value and time. But I do not know how to do 'if' judgments with the key value. Here are the codes:

d = yield viztask.waitKeyDown(None)
Key = d.key
RT = d.time - startTime
if Key == 'J':
acc = 1
acc = 0
data = open('data.txt', 'a')
trialData = "%s\t%s\n" %(acc,RT)

I would like to know if the key pressed is 'J' or not. How should I write this line?

And another question is, is there any way to clear all key pressed before I do the judgment?

Many thanks!!

Jeff 10-09-2017 02:05 PM

Here is a simple example:


import viz
import viztask


def keytask():
        while True:
                d = yield viztask.waitKeyDown(None)
                key = d.key
                if key == 'j':
                        print 'j pressed'
                        print 'some other key pressed'
viztask.schedule( keytask() )

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