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knightgba 08-23-2010 06:50 AM

How to move a text object and its children text objects as a whole
Just like the hierarchical models example carousel in the viz tutorial in which case the object is 3d model not text object.

a matrix translation?

knightgba 08-23-2010 08:33 AM

ok...Think I can do this manually.
Ob = viz.addText('text')
Ob = setPosition(x,y,z)
ChildrenofOb = viz.addText('Children Text')
ChildrenofOb = setPosition(a,b,c)

Action = vizact.moveTo([x1,y1,z1])
ChildrenAction = vizact.moveTo(a+(x1-x), b+(y1-y), c+(z1-z))


masaki 08-24-2010 11:21 AM


I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to accomplish but here is an example of a two text object hierarchy. text1 is parented to the groupNode and text2 is a child of text1. They have actions applied to them independently but they spin/move in their parents coordinate system.



import viz

groupNode = viz.addGroup()

text1 = viz.addText( 'Parent',pos=(0,3,5), parent=groupNode )
text2 = viz.addText( 'Child',  pos=(0,-1,0), parent=text1 )

spin = vizact.spin( 0,45,0,speed=45 )
text1.addAction( spin )

move = vizact.sequence( [vizact.move([0,1,0],.5), vizact.move(0,-1,0,.5)], viz.FOREVER)
text2.addAction( move )

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