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willpower2727 08-12-2015 07:26 AM

Binocular overlap Oculus Rift DK2
Does anyone know if the vizard oculus module has a default setting for binocular overlap? It seems like when I use this code:


import oculus
hmd = oculus.Rift(), viz.MainView)

I get two identical displays, making it very uncomfortable to use. I am using Vizard 4 (yes I know it's not supported) so maybe my version of the oculus module is not up-to-date?

If there is no default setting, how can I alter the views to have binocular overlap? I would like to make sure that the views are not simply identical (like they should have different viewpoints like eyes do etc.)

Jeff 08-18-2015 04:21 PM

Yes, you're correct, the DK2 is not supported in Vizard 4.

willpower2727 08-19-2015 05:18 AM

What about the default settings for binocular overlap?

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