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fordprefect 07-14-2014 08:30 AM

TickerDialog not showing
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I was in need of a number input option, ideally to be placed into menu. A progress bar was not precise enough for the range +/-50 and at least .5 precision. After trying a Textbox and fighting with input filtering I stumbled across the TickerDialog. Alas not possible to include it in the menu bar as it seems.
  • I'd very much like to see the TickerDialog functionality somehow added to the menu system. :o

Then I thought that it would not add too much clicking when I add it to a temporary panel. I tried the example with three dialogs on three different tabs of a TabPanel which works as it should. Though I want to be able to change e.g. all coordinates at the same time, so I tried a GridPanel. The size exceeds when adding TickerDialogs, but they ain't showing. Same with the normal panel. They won't show even if there is just one TickerDialog in use. :confused:
  • Please tell me where I go wrong
  • Or, if I'm not wrong, please fix it.

Thanks, Walter

Jeff 07-15-2014 05:12 PM

Vizconfig panels support text boxes that filter for float or int values. Would this work for you?


Press F12 to toggle the visibility
of the configuration window

import viz
import vizconfig
import vizinfo



gallery = viz.add('gallery.osgb')

value = 25.0

def getValue():
        return value
def setValue(v):
#Create a configurable object
bc= vizconfig.BasicConfigurable('Enter a float value between (-50,50)')
bc.addFloatItem('float value',range=(-50,50),fset=setValue,fget=getValue)

#register the object so it will display in the configuration window

fordprefect 07-16-2014 02:39 AM

Hi Jeff,

thank you for pointing me to vizconfig.
:) It seems that I can put that to good use, though I'll have to rework my menu system...
:o My opinion is to prohibit unwanted user input rather than telling the user afterwards that I didn't like his input - meaning, I'd prefer that you can't enter letters or non-number special characters into a number (int, float) textbox at all.
:D what about that TickerDialog and Panels, though...?

Best Regards, Walter

fordprefect 07-16-2014 03:12 AM

vizconfig documentation
On the vizconfig basics help page (with the local beta-3 as well as the online version Vizard5 Online Help) some methods are omitted:
  • addLabelItem
  • addBoolLabelItem

And another question, why are the additional examples and the screenshot now missing which were available in Vizard4 Online Help? Especially the screenshot gives a good idea what to expect, without having to run an example script.

Best Regards, Walter

fordprefect 07-16-2014 05:12 AM

one runtime and one editing feedback

:o there seems to be an error in an error message; when you supply only one positional argument to addBoolLabelItem, the error reads:
TypeError: addBoolLabelItem() takes at least 1 argument (2 given) which should most likely be the other way round (at least 2 arguments and just 1 given)

:confused: and I suggest to add documentation strings to the BasicConfigurable.add* resources, to ease scripting (I use that tooltip feature in the IDE quite a lot). Pleeeeease...

Jeff 07-17-2014 06:13 PM

By default the visibility of the dialog components are turned off unless added to a TabPanel. When using a task function, you can use the show method to display the dialog and wait for a button event. The TickerDialog section has a short example. The following turns the visibility of the components on in a standard panel:


import viz
import vizdlg

# ticker dialog and standard panel
s1 = vizdlg.TickerDialog(label='Circle',units='pixels',range=(1,5,1),editable=True,border=False,background=False,margin=0)
s2 = vizdlg.TickerDialog(label='Crosshair',units='pixels',range=(1,5,1),editable=True,border=False,background=False,margin=0)
s3 = vizdlg.TickerDialog(label='Border',units='pixels',range=(1,5,1),editable=True,border=False,background=False,margin=0)

row = vizdlg.Panel(layout=vizdlg.LAYOUT_HORZ_BOTTOM,border=False,background=False,margin=0)
is1 = row.addItem(s1)
is2 = row.addItem(s2)
is3 = row.addItem(s3)

myPanel = vizdlg.Panel(align=vizdlg.ALIGN_CENTER)
myPanel.addItem(row), myPanel)

Thanks for the documentation comments and suggestions. Regarding the vizconfig docs, I'll make a note to add an updated image and some examples to the installation.

fordprefect 07-23-2014 12:47 AM

Solution confirmed
Hi Jeff,

thank you for the solution.

Of course I have to add that to me this seems to be inconsistent behaviour and confusing to the programmer. But now the solution is documented in this forum ;)

Again, thanks to you!
Best Regards, Walter

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