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Rachel 02-01-2008 12:53 PM

Updating viewpoint via external computer
Hello. Brand new to Vizard (and networks) here.

I would like to update the viewpoint in a Vizard scene based on position data Iím sending from a Matlab script running on another computer on the network (UDP). Iím posting to ask if this a case where the ďviz.NETWORK_EVENTĒ callback would work. Iíve been looking at the help files, and it would seem that I could send the Matlab position data over the network and receive it as ďe.dataĒ in Vizard. Then there could be a callback in the Vizard code that updates the viewpoint according to the Matlab data received. Is this correct?

If so, is there a particular place in the Vizard code where this callback should go?

I see that Vizard sends and receives via port 4950 by default. Not having the appropriate background for this forum, Iím afraid I donít know what to do with that information. How would I make sure the position data Iím sending from Matlab goes to port 4950? I donít understand the difference between specifying the port and specifying the IP address of the computer you want to talk/listen to. If users on the forum have the patience to explain, I would appreciate the help.

Finally, the help menu mentions a ďPrimer on NetworkingĒ, but the link to that primer isnít active. Any suggestions about how to go forward with this set-up or other on-line resources I might tap into for this application?

Sincere thanks,
Rachel Brady

farshizzo 02-04-2008 06:23 PM

Vizards built-in network features will only work with other Python programs. If you want to communicate with non-Python programs, like Matlab, then you will need to use the Python socket library to send/receive data. The following link contains sample code showing how to do this in Vizard:

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