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Ciccio 07-13-2016 01:59 PM

Complete Characters and 3d Max
Hi, I've got the complete characters packet but I'm having trouble exporting the avatar in vizard.
I open the .max with 3dMax studio 2014, I create my animation and then I export it using the Cal3D plug-in, I create my file cfg and when I load the avatar on vizard I've got two problem:

1- When I excecute my code: I've this "Warning: Material::setShininess() of 6400 is above permitted maximum, clampping to 128."
2- If I open the avatar in the vizard inspector I can see the animation and the mesh but not the texture.

I tried to search everywhere but I found nothing.
Can you help me?

Erikvdb 07-15-2016 05:01 AM

I've had the warning before, but I don't think it had any effect on the texture being shown, so you should be able to ignore it.
Check if your exported material is correct (diffuse color should be white, for instance) and if viz Lighting/Emissive is on/off for the avatar.

Ciccio 07-15-2016 02:57 PM

Everythins seems right, have you got any tutorial about the import from 3d max? I have nothing on the disk and I didn't found anything on the web

Jeff 07-16-2016 04:47 AM

Take a look at the Cal3D tutorial in the Vizard Help. Let us know if you still have problems after following the tutorial.

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