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IGoudt 09-24-2009 06:37 AM

Trouble using custom animations for Live Characters

I am using Vizard 3.0 Enterprise Edition and the Vizard Live Characters to create and extend virtual worlds for academical research.

I would like to use the animations as posted on the CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database . These animations were converted to a 3dmax friendly format (link)

Steps I take when exporting from 3dmax:
- exporting the skeleton (by selecting the bones only)
- exporting the meshes separately
- exporting the animation

I have no trouble with importing the Vizard Live Characters source file into 3dmax, and applying the new motions onto the avatar in 3dmax gives good results too (although some animations seem to be shaky). The problems arise when I load the animation in vizard. The avatar "collapses/explodes", bones and vertices spin around for an unknown reason. On the finish of the animation there is no way the avatar resets to the base position.
I have very little skill in 3d design, so I hope you can help me or recreate this problem? I would really like to have that database converted and imported in vizard! :)

Thanks for reading,

I. Goudt
TU-Delft, The Netherlands

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