View Full Version : Regarding VR Corner Cave Project with two Graphics NVIDIA Graphics K6000

01-16-2016, 02:11 AM
We are using two NVIDIA Quadro K6000,Graphics Card for our corner cave system.
Whenever we run our demo's content on this corner cave vizard running system(with Quadro K6000),we fail get to 3D effect.
The same demos get successfully executed on other NVIDIA Quadro 5000 Graphics Card System
Request you to assist for how to proceed for the NVIDIA Quadro K6000 Graphics card with proper NVIDIA Control Panel settings,to get proper 3D effect.


Please provide us with a solution,so that we can get a 3D effect.

I have also attached the screen shots of Quadro K6000 combined in one zip and the screen shots of Quadro 5000 seperately.
There are some differences in the settings of both the NVIDIA Control Panel

Note:The system with Quadro 5000 has a LICENCED version of Vizard Software & The system with Quadro K6000 has a TRIAL version of Vizard Software

Requesting worldviz members to help as we are a customer(Xenium Digital Pvt Ltd,Mumbai) of World Viz.

01-18-2016, 05:19 AM
We've responded and are helping to troubleshoot through a support ticket.