View Full Version : PPT talk button error: Failed to connect to COM4

11-27-2005, 02:02 PM
When I start up the VizPPT software I get these messages:
# of adapters in this system : 2
Interface #1 type : 24
Interface #2 type : 6
MAC Address of interface #2: 004ca3a6b29

then when I press the talk button i get this:
Failed to connect to COM4

this used to start up the vrpn server but it stopped working and I have no idea why. Nothing has changed about the system settings as far as i know.

11-28-2005, 08:43 AM
I'm not familiar with the warning messages you're seeing at startup.

Do you normally set your PPT to communicate via COM4? If you're usually using VRPN, then you ought to set that port as your communication port. You can adjust these settings in the "edit options" window which you can find by starting the calibration wizard.

Please let us know if you continue to have this problem.

12-05-2005, 07:51 PM
PPT is up an running and Vizard works fine on its own.

The problem is that my Vizard machine has no serial port. I bought a Radio Shack usb to serial adapter. It crashed for a while after I pressed Run. I'm afraid the Radio Shack adapter is not compatible with xp. After some playing around with setting in PPt... Now, vizard is recognizing com3 but the demo is not working. I'm using a ball demo for recognizing markers found on your website.

I would set up the vrpn network but I don't know how to set up a config file as listed in the help files for vrpn... Any suggestions?

Thanks, Luc.

12-08-2005, 02:36 PM
You're really best off getting a serial comm to work. We reliably use a USB-serial adapter by Keyspan, which can be had any CompUSA and many other retailers.

That'd be my suggestion. But if you want to use VRPN with Vizard, however, you needn't deal with the CFG file because PPT acts as a VRPN server itself. You simply need to follow the instructions in the README file for the VRPN download. There is a problem, however, and that's that you have a version of PPT transmits a newer VRPN protocol than Vizard accepts. This is scheduled to be fixed by Q206 due simply to priorities. If it's important for you, simply say so and we'll schedule it for much sooner.