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11-07-2005, 02:51 PM
I am wondering if anyone here could help me either figureout how or develop a video streamed avatar to my desktop.

http://www.admonkey.co.uk/ seems to have something close to what I am looking for put it is a stored video texture not streamed.

Look at their Fader girl band.

11-07-2005, 04:53 PM

Vizard doesn't have built-in support for streaming video. It could be done through a plugin though. Depending on how complex your video is, you could save each frame as a separate image and download them individually. However, this would require you to manually swap the textures on the object in order to animate it.

02-02-2007, 03:16 AM
VIZARD is designed for networked realtime interaction
Streaming is not realtime
You can stream video
Realtime interactive 3D is not really streamed
Reatime 3D formats are VRML/X3D
They are part of the MPEG4 standard for interactive multimedia
If you want to stream video of 3D animations you can export video fro 3D files in 3D studio max, Maya, and maybe Blender, which is free.
IBM has a MPEG4 Toolkiot which is free at
bulletDynamic, Interactive content

These demos go beyond simple video/audio to include MPEG-4 Systems streams which contain overall scene description and control. MPEG-4 Systems allows complex media compositions to be created from a variety media objects, such as geometric shapes, audio and video, and arranged into a dynamic, interactive presentation. MPEG-4 Systems can describe 3D (like VRML) as well as complex 2D scenes that includes functionality that can be seen in other media types such as Flash or SVG.

MPEG-4 Systems is a coded compressed binary stream that describes the scene as a structured collection of media objects. The scene description can be dynamically altered to add, replace or delete whole (media) elements, or just alter individual properties of an object. For example an image can be inserted and then its position in the scene changed 10s later. MPEG-4 Systems also includes scene elements that permit interaction with the user. The demos will show these capabilities.