View Full Version : Full FaceAPI licenses for sale with Vizard Plugin

04-28-2011, 02:20 PM
As I mentioned previously in this forum; I have written a Vizard plugin for FaceAPI (http://www.seeingmachines.com/product/faceapi/)(a very accurate markerless head-tracking API).
I have several commercial production licenses (http://www.seeingmachines.com/product/faceapi/licensing/) (with dongle which unlockes all options/features) which I offer up for sale bundled with the plugin. This license cannot expire.

You can track a head with it using a standard webcam, detect nodding, point to objects by moving your head, detect movement/position of the eyes/eyebrows/lips and other facial features and much more. All very accurate with high updaterates.
Also a very precise fishtank is possible. Look here (http://www.archidimex.nl/what_do_we_offer.php)(click on VirtualWindow).

If you're interested, please contact me via email (http://www.archidimex.nl/contact_us.php).