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03-05-2010, 08:02 AM

I am currently using te PPT-H cameras from World Viz at work. I have a problem connecting the cameras because everytime I run the PPT software, I am not guaranteed to get all 4 cameras being detected. What I mean is that, sometimes, 1 out of 4 cameras shows to be connected, or sometimes 2,3, and sometimes all 4 cameras work fine.

This is very random and I am not guaranteed when the software detects all cameras and work. This is crucial as we are going to conduct daily research with people coming in and using the head gear provided.

Is there a certain procedure that I need to go through to make sure all 4 cameras are detected by the network ? For example, I noticed that I need to wait for at least 10 minutes for the cameras to turn on before I turn on my Dell computer in order to get at least 1 camera detected (otherwise none of the cameras get connected)

The error i get is that some of the ppt-h cameras are not connected

Thank you,
Sisun Lee.
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