View Full Version : insurance for hardware?

10-13-2009, 05:57 PM

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of insurance policies that would insure our equipment -- most importantly head mounted display, but also PPT cameras, cables, monitors, CPU, eye trackers, etc.

We are most interested in insuring our equipment against damage. Theft/fire seem less of an immediate concern.

We are going to be using this system in research with clinical populations, often involving young children. I have heard stories from other (non-VR) experimenters of children hurling very expensive equipment across the room. Primarily, we want to be insured against this kind of thing.

Secondarily, I also would not be surprised if Murphy's Law starts to act up when any of our research staff might grab something the wrong way, pull too hard, trip, etc.

Although the focus on this list is PPT hardware, hopefully this is not considered off topic (this is my first post on the worldviz forum). If it is off topic, my apologies.



p.s. before posting, I typed in "insurance" into a forum search box. Because nothing was found, I assume that this issue has not been addressed on any of the forums.